Household :



The Company hereby undertakes to indemnify the insured in the manner and to the limit of sum insured in the policy schedule in case any of the risks covered by virtue of this policy is realized during the insurance period indicated in the policy schedule or any subsequent period which the Company would have agreed to renew in writing, and for which the insured would have paid the premium due therefore

Section One:

  1. A.     Buildings:-

With the exception of any part of insured under separate item and including: garages, swimming pools, playgrounds, fences … etc.

Insurance value plus the above include expenses of Architect, supervisions and debris removal.

  1. B.     Contents:-
  2. Furniture, household appliances and personal effects owned to insured and his resident family member and servants in the house stated above.

Exceptions to the above (furniture, household appliances, personal effects) items in (2), (3), (4) and (5)

  1. Decorations, wall paper and prefabricated roofs.
  2. Fur, portraits, accessories golden and silver wares.

Liability of the company for each piece doesn’t exceed 5% from insurance value in this Section.

  1. Jewelry in fixed iron safe: the maximum liability 1000 Egyptian Pound stipulating that shall be detailed separately in a list.

Valuables which the piece price of them exceeds 10% of total sum insured (should be detailed in a separate list)..
Section Two

Glass plate , Mirrors ,and  Bath fixtures
Section Three

Personal Accidents to the Insured or his Spouse:

Section Four

Indemnifying for the Rent:  

Section Five : Liabilities :

Civil Liability towards neighbors

Civil Liability towards the Landlord:

Employer’s liability